Fuck Yeah, Pie!

how can you not love pie?

this blog is run by 3 lovely ladies who all love pie a little too much...

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fresh raspberry tart – perfect summer dessert



I made pecan pie

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I’m gonna be screenprinting a couple shirts that I’ve had a lot of requests for and finally decided to actually do. But it’s a bit of an undertaking to make shirts, so I’m going preorders for both of them. I just need 60 people to get them in order for it to be worth printing, so I’m gonna try using Celery to do this. Like a kickstarter campaign, you won’t be charged until the project is a go. If you preorder, you’ll save $2 and you’ll be sure that the size you want is available (sizes S-2XL).

Preorder the “Makeup and Pizza” shirt here.

Preorder the “Whole Pie” shirt here.

Damn it people, buy this shirt so I can get the ones I ordered for friends!!!!


congratulations snow white that’s fucking unsanitary as shit

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Sour cherry pie, made by Yours Truly. #goodeats #screwdiets #menwhobake #pie (at Mount Mitchell Golf Club)


Cherry - Peach And Dark Chocolate Pies

I am feeling under the weather the past 2 days, but when my kitchen starts to smell like a French Patisserie… hallelujah, I instantly feel much better!


Mini cherry pie that wasn’t eaten by yesterday’s guests is perfect for today’s guests.


Prescribed by Dr. Caputo.



So bye, bye Miss American Pie

  • Peanut: What weekend is it?
  • Me: Pride Weekend. We celebrate loving whomever your heart wants to love.
  • Peanut: (looking sad) oh.
  • Me: What?
  • Peanut: I thought it was "Pie Weekend."